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Our postal address is:-
Our postal address is:-
'''[[The History of Locks Museum Archive]]<br>581 Charminster Road<br>Bournemouth<br>BH8 9RQ<br>UK'''<br>
'''The History of Locks Museum Archive<br>581 Charminster Road<br>Bournemouth<br>BH8 9RQ<br>UK'''<br>

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Adding to Lockpedia couldn't be simpler.[edit]

We have used the same software as Wikipedia, if you are familiar with that interface then simply create your account on Lockpedia and start adding to or creating pages.

You can also send information or pictures by email when one of our volunteer team members can add to or create pages for you. <mailto:addto-lockpedia@emorlands.com> We are happy to credit your contribution to you or leave anonymous, whichever you wish - please advise.

Another way to contribute is by traditional mail and is useful if you have documents, photographs or even objects. This type of material is very useful and is again processed to Lockpedia by our volunteer team and then logged into The History of Locks Museum Archive or Reference Collection for continued/future research projects. (Again advise how you would like to be credited)
Our postal address is:-

The History of Locks Museum Archive
581 Charminster Road