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Chatwood Milner Limited[edit]

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Chatwood-Milner Ltd
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Specialists in Security and Fire Resisting Equipment
Head Office: 58 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1. Tel: CENtral0041.
Branches at:
Bristol, 1. Royal London House, Queen Charlotte Street. Bristol 20297.
Glasgow, C3. 50 Berkeley Street. CENtral 9114.
Leeds, 1. 29 East Parade. Leeds 31884.
Liverpool, 2. India Buildings, 9 Drury Lane. CENtral 2138.
Manchester, 2. 4 Royal Exchange Arcade. BLAckfriars 8334.
Status: not active.

Chatwood Milner Manifoil from a 1962 leaflet
Company History