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This page lists companies and organisations (both past and present) whose name starts with 'C', and that are, or were, associated in one way or another with locks or other physical security devices.

Included in this list are company names and /or trading names / identities for manufacturers, importers, agents, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, field service organizations, guilds, associations etc. the only criteria is that there is a connection with lock trade. Learn Why are we doing this?

Camlock Systems Ltd, Carl Kammerling Intl Ltd, Carlisle Brass Ltd, Castell Safety International Ltd, Century Locks Ltd, Chameleon Adaptable Hardware, Chatwood Milner Ltd UK.GIF | Checkmate Devices Ltd, C W Cheney and Son Ltd, Chicago Lock Co, G S Christopher and Co Ltd, Chubb and Sons Lock and Safe Co., Charles Chubb and Son, Churchill Safes and Security Products | Cilliekens | Cisa (UK) PLC, Clake Instruments Ltd, Code Lock Ltd, Codelocks Ltd, Codringtons, R Cooper and Sons, Corbin Cabinet Lock Co., Costruzioni Italiane Serrature Affini SPA, E Cotterill and Co, Stephen Cox and Son Ltd, Crado Devices Ltd,