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This page lists companies and organisations (both past and present) whose name starts with 'W', and that are, or were, associated in one way or another with locks or other physical security devices.[edit]

Included in this list are company names and /or trading names / identities for manufacturers, importers, agents, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, field service organizations, guilds, associations etc. the only criteria is that there is a connection with lock trade. Learn Why are we doing this?

Leonard Wadsworth and Co (Security) Ltd, Wadsworth Security Products Ltd, Walsh Lock Co, Wallsall Locks Ltd, Benjamin Walters and Co Ltd, Warshaw (Ssfety and Security) Ltd, Warshaw Security Ltd, Wartsila Security Ltd, Weiser Lock Co Ltd, Weiser (UK) Ltd, Welmade Locking Systems Pvt Ltd India | F. Whitfield, Wilka Schließtechnik GmbH, Willenhall Locks Ltd, Thomas Withers Security Equipment Ltd, S Wooding Locks,