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Welcome to our world - Lockpedia:
Exploring the art and craft of the locksmith from antiquity to the cutting edge innovations of today.

What is Lockpedia?
Welcome to our world
Lockpedia recognizes that virtually everybody on the planet today has a key in their pocket. The desire to protect possessions and property can be traced back to those times when man transited from hunter-gatherer to settled communities. Undeniably life was extremely hard for those first communities and the skills and techniques to help make life easier also emerged. It was soon realised that the elements, naturally occurring events was not the only issue to be addressed in the evolving technologies; man realised that there was a fundamental property in his ‘survival instinct’ makeup that meant a lot of effort goes into this trait, he realised that a fundamental human nature trait is to err. The process of trying to modify this trait continues to today! Lockpedia then is the story of locks from ancient times to the cutting edge developments of Today's Scene.
...its about people.
the people
At first glance 'what makes us human' doesn't seem to have much to do with locks. However our very human traits are the catalyst for their invention; its human nature to want to protect our possessions but its also human nature to err. Therefore the humanities in this context is equally important and provides the motivation to satisfying Mans Primitive Instinct with inventions; the back stories, The Lock Trade People and the reason for invention can be equally fascinating as the locks themselves.
...the companies

...and the locks they made.
...the locks
The internal workings of locks are a mystery to most people even though they are used daily to guard our dearest possessions.
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