Mans Primitive Instinct

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Mans Primitive Instinct

Man's Primitive Instinct
The modern burglar, armed with the products of modern science - explosives, high-speed electric drills, circular cutters, the oxy-acetylene blowpipe and a variety of other forcing tools - ia a menacing threat to those whose treasure is protected in what might be politely called "lockfast receptacles".

The cunningly planned entry of the burglar to carefully selected premises - not always unguarded - his uncanny sense of timing; his expert skill in using the potent weapons at his disposal; his ferocity; his grim determination, and his endless patience, have all established him as a ruthless enemy of society evoking fear sometimes grudgingly tinged with respect.

From this unfortunate victims, however, there is anger and usually the sure conviction that there loss need never have happened.

Man's primitive instinct for the safeguarding of his possessions goes beyond the protection afforded by an insurance policy. A safe, robbed of its contents, can depress, but yet enlighten its owner by the moral which its mutilated condition suggests.