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The Oldest Profession In The World

There seem to be a number of contenders for this title. Among the obvious candidates ‘politician was aptly dismissed by Ronald Regan as being to similar to the first. Most other contenders relate to mankind’s innermost concerns about his/her well being and security. This immediately implies that doctors , farmers, merchants and soldiers must be in contention; but natural self-reliance and mistrust of others gives an inbuilt desire to maintain protection for one’s self and one’s own property. It is with this in mind that the claims of the locksmith must be considered. After all, not only are locks mentioned in the bible but their recorded history goes back at least 4,000 years when the Egyptians were making wooden ’peg’ locks in which a key consisting of a length of wood with traverse pegs of varying spacing matched to a set of slots which then allowed the bolt to be withdrawn. If this sounds crude, think again. The ubiquitous ’Yale’ pattern lock of today uses the same principle and who among us has never used one of them to practice the ancient ritual of ‘Locking-up’? Equally ancient is the desire to profit from the labors of others, which gives rise to the technique of lock-picking and thus might then rank third in the order of professions.