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Ratners wedge Bolt Safe Lock
Ratner - The Last Of The Great UK Safe Companies
Ratner was the last of the great Victorian safe companies to be formed and very quickly gained a reputation of excellence. An early contract was for the City Safe Deposit, quickly followed by installations for Harrods Safe Deposit and Chancery Lane Safe Deposit. How could a seemingly newcomer have won so many prestigious contracts so quickly in preference to well established companies such as Chatwood, Chubb, Hobbs, Milner and Tann?

Armada Chest, German from the 19th century.

The Armada chest
Armada chests, which are more accurately described as traveling chests or strongboxes, acquired that name due to the foundering or sinking in battle of nearly half of the one hundred and fifty strong Spanish fleet in 1588. It was common practice when traveling or as in this case going on campaigns to take valuables in chests; even up to relatively recent times small portable safes were used for the purpose. The Spanish wrecks revealed many such chests and strongboxes and from that time onward campaign chests were known as armada chests, but not necessarily dating from that period or indeed from Spain.

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Aubin Trophy

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